Sunday, June 12, 2011


Well, we departed from the cutest hostel that I have ever stayed at: Hotel Esperanza.

Our shower was sooo tiny!! hahh the bathroom was literally in the shower!! 

My awesome roomates: ABBY AND MADDS

We chowed down on some bread and yummy peach jelly, and took off to plaza area to take beautiful pictures of the Cathedral. We went to the famous Gelato place: Grom and learned how Gelato is actually made. Apparently the old folks used to get the snow from Mount Vesuvius and combined it with fruit and honey later in the decades and well yeah!! They let us try Pistachio ice cream, which was delicious, and then I got chocolate and strawberry gelato. YUM.

After the yummy pit stop, we took some more pictures at the plaza and just relaxed a bit.

Madds and I broke down in a singing jam while Clairé filmed us, and I must say we are rather talented. After strolling through the market a bit, taking some pictures here and there, we took a bus ride over to the wine vineyard. Of course we had to hike about ehhh a mile and a half to the top in order to reach the vineyard. I was literally sweating bullets….of course no one else was. We tasted some different olive oils and also ate some bread with olive oil and ham, salami, peppers, and tomatoes, all separate though. So that was lunch and it was yummy yummy!! We took some more pictures outside and found the cutest animals ever!!!! I LOVE ITALIAN ANIMALS.


We began our walk down after all of this and ended up at Hotel Cordova where we will be staying for 3 days…

Okay this is crazy….the shower is like in front of the toilet…pretty awkward. Ahhah  oh well, after we chilled at the hotel for like an hour downloading some pictures and hearing criticism from Massimo---my new favorite person---we ate some pizza at this little restaurant. I tried some red pepper [like the pepper specks] cuz Madds said they were beyond spicy, but I did not believe her. I should have listened to her. My throat is still throbbing : ( well then we ate some amazing raspberry cake and made our way back to the hotel!!



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