Friday, June 17, 2011


Unfortunately, today was our last day in the wonderful Delphi. We all came down for our last breakfast at 8 AM and I had my last yogurt with the most delicious honey I have ever tasted. We sadly left Hotel Kouros at 9 AM and headed for our 3 hour drive to the bustling city of Athens. We arrived there at about 1 PM with no where to unload. Our driver pretty much stopped in the middle of the road, blocking traffic, while we unloaded our luggage in like a record of 4 minutes. Our driver did get yelled at by the police, but by that time, we had already finished. We quickly walked to our hotel around the corner and this is by far the nicest place I have stayed at. 
I am rooming with Dina, so we just relaxed in our room for about 30 minutes. I hope she can handle this!! hahha. 

We all left to go to lunch down the street and I had a yummy pita with chicken and almost ate the whole thing. This is Greece people, their portion sizes could feed like 5 people. Afterwards, we split into two groups to go exploring, shopping, and of course take some photographs. In my group was Madds, Clairé, Demeris, Dina, Ariel, and Caro. Our little adult supervisors were Carolyn and David.

We had some fun walking around taking pictures of random people such as a jacked trainer, a man wearing a Tour de France shirt, and a man with spiked hair on a motorcycle. 

We legitimately did this for about 2 hours until we finally headed back to meet up with the rest of the gang at 4 PM. From there, we all power walked to Acropolis and let me tell you, power walking uphill plus going up stairs is pretty rough. We finally made it to the entrance however, and along the way I saw dozens of stray dogs and cats and it made me soooo sad because we were not allowed to touch them. 

Apparently last year, the group who went to Athens petted the dogs and fed them and stuff, so these animals followed them everywhere and barked at anyone who came close to the group. Sounds hilarious now, but they said it was awful having everyone stare at them like that. Psh Americans. We wondered around Acropolis taking some pictures and obviously looking at the famous Parthenon.
  After wondering around for about 45 minutes, we all gathered in a circle and introduced our "boyfriends" aka our cameras. My "boyfriend's"name is Pinocchio because he has such a long nose and sometimes lies. My dad gave him to me for my birthday and we clicked just like that. We had a lot of fun doing this for about 15 minutes until we got kicked out Acropolis at 6:40ish. 

We walked down to where all the stores were and shopped till about 7:45 PM. I bought an extremely trendy fedora, a leather satchel, and a quilt!! I thought the quilt would be a nice touch to my dorm room when I attend college. We all headed to our reservations for dinner at 8 PM at Tabepna, and this place is something that everyone needs to go to if they go to Greece. Besides the food being absolutely outstanding, their was singing and dancing and it was the kind of dancing that you actually see in movies. I ate soooo much food that night because David told us that we must eat everything [he did not want us to put it all to waste]. I had some bread, a spinach pie [truly scrumptious], a bite of fried cheese, chicken suvlaki, a bite of ice cream, and about 12 glasses of water. You can imagine that I felt like I was going to explode. 

The dancers came in three times with three different outfits for each dance. During one dance, one of the men took a girl out of her seat to dance, but her dress was so short he had to keep pulling int down. It was absolutely hilarious, but I am sure the girl was mortified. 

Clairé bravely went out to dance with the most precious little girl and we were all screaming OPA OPA!! It was sooo much fun!! After enjoying ourselves at the restaurant for more than 2 hours, we headed back and arrived at Athens Center Square Hotel at 10:40ish. We all sat to have a talk and say our goodbyes and thank yous to the most wonderful teacher and person ever: MRS. HARTMAN. I will definitely miss her for the remainder of the trip and will be thinking about her. Sadly, I do not think I will get to see her for a really long time, but I have some wonderful pictures of her that I will for sure post!! That pretty much was the end of our night since lights out was at 11:30 PM and they did room checks. Yikes. Well tomorrow is going to be a pretty relaxing day since all we have on our agenda is one of the most famous archeological museums in the world. Yasoo yawl. 




question mark.
i love athens.


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  1. Hi Stephanie!

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I miss all of you! I am so happy I got to spend time with each of you and that I got to get to know you. I hated to have to leave, but am glad I got to see my grandmother. I am still in Dallas, but thinking of all of you. Have fun on your LAST DAY of the trip and please tell everyone I said hello.

    Ms. Hartman