Thursday, June 16, 2011


Waking up at 8:30 AM was the best feeling ever, even though we lost an hour of sleep when we traveled from Italy to Greece. After frolicking down the stairs, I walked in to see an amazinggg breakfast. Besides bread of course, there were cereals, yogurt, and honey, and hard-boiled eggs [the classy ones in the egg holders]. Being as classy as possible, I cracked it with my spoon and sipped some tea. Madds brought over some yogurt with honey in it and this is not an exaggeration: IT WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE [IN GREECE]. I had no idea it would taste this awesome. After breakfast we all went upstairs for a shutter lecture, then they let us wonder of in the village for about an hour and a half.

We were suppose to take pictures, which we did eventually do, but Clairé, Madds, and I took advantage and shopped!! DUH. We walked around the village snapping some pictures, shopping, and just having fun being girls!! We came back to our hotel and chilled out here for about ehhh 2ish hours trying to upload some photos, blog, and just listen to some music. After that, we split up and Clairé, Madds, Rachel, Erin, Holly, and I all went to lunch at this delicious restaurant…we were the only ones in there.


I ate a chicken souvlaki with fries and I actually ate the whole entire thing It was soooo goood!! During our hour and a half off, we also went exploring and being girls, went shopping. 


The stores here are sooo cute!! We reconvened at the hotel where as a group, we went to the Delphi Museum and got a tour of the history behind Delphi [apparently it is a free will town]. Along with the museum tour, the guide introduced the ruins of the Apollo Temple, the theater, and many more interesting artifacts, including the oracle. 

temple of Apollo

On our way back to town, we stopped for dinner where I had an amazingggg gyro [it is lamb with pita and yogurt, which is tart, plus fries]. I was a little afraid to taste the lamb, but considering I am in Greece, I felt the need to try all of the local foods here. When we arrived back to the hotel, Madds, Clairé, Rachel, and I watched YouTube videos—of course Bon Qui Qui, something called Mrs. Swan [the woman is Mrs. Ungermire from Lizzie McGuire Movie], and Disney Mean Girls. hahhahha it was hilarious!! 

not sure what is going on here exactly...
       we had some fun out in the ruins!!

Then we got ready for a spontaneous toga party on the roof to celebrate the lovely Abby’s birthday. She turned 16!!

 We had some delicious chocolate cake and then I think raspberry cake?? Afterwards, we watched Mamma Mia, since we are in Greece after all!! akljdflj now I have to pack : ( but on the plus side, we are headed to Athens tomorrow!! I can not wait!! I am devastated that I have to leave this uber cute village, but I am looking forward to what’s to come!! ehhhh now I have songs from Hercules stuck in my head!! Watch out Athens, here I come [and I am quite a handful]!

Some pictures from our toga party!!

happy birthday girl!!

party hard

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