Monday, June 20, 2011


Waking up from the best sleep I have had this whole trip, Rach and I ran downstairs to eat some breakfast at 8 AM. I still was not feeling very well, so I did not eat anything. WORST IDEA EVER. At around 9 AM, we headed out towards the hill/mountain type thing. I had been dreading this since the night before and it did not really help that my stomach was throbbing this morning. As soon as we got there, I looked up and could not even see the top. Just to let you know, this hill/mountain is about 1,000 steps. Great. The walk up was nowhere as horrible as I thought and it was way better than Cinque Terre. For starters, it took the fast walkers 20 minutes to get to the top and the slow pokes [including myself] 30 minutes. 

 It was definitely worth it though as soon as I got up there and saw the view. It was absolutely stunning and you could practically see the whole town. We went exploring around the palace area for about an hour and a half. I sometime just explored by myself, but I ran away from this certain spot when bugs attacked me. I caught up with Ellie and she took us to the most dangerous dungeon of this place apparently. 

 Along with the prison cell being cramped, there were no windows of any sort. I felt claustrophobic the moment I stepped in there!! At around 10:30ish we headed down and it literally took us 10-15 minutes to reach the bottom. It was a pretty quick hike even though I felt like I was going to be sick. We returned to the hotel to relax and soak in our sweat for about an hour. Yuck. Once again, we split into groups and went our separate ways for lunch. Clairé, Madds, Rach, Holly, Erin, and I went to this cute restaurant where we could see the water. I felt Italian today so I ordered some spaghetti and it was the best decision I could have made. SO GOOD. It got even better when the waiter brought out some watermelon!! YUM. 

We went exploring/shopping for a bit and I got some gelato [not as good as Italy though, but it still tasted wonderful]. We returned to the hotel at 2 PM where we gathered some things and then went to the beach. Let me just say I LOVE THE BEACH!! For one thing, I can actually see what is in the water and it is blue, not brown. 

 We tanned/swam for over 2 hours and it was the best time I have had in Nafplio so far. I had been looking forward to going to the beach for sooooo long!! Don’t get me wrong, hiking up to the castle was a blast, but tanning/swimming was sooo much fun in a whole different way. We got back to the hotel around 5ish where they gave us about 30 minutes to do whatever. Rach and I took a shower since we were covered in sweat and saltwater. What a great mixture. We then came to the lobby where all of us just worked on our computers again just uploading photos and editing our blogs. 


After we finished all of this computer work, we departed for dinner and ate at his little restaurant where I had some more spaghetti. Surprise. Carolyn and David gave us an assignment where we had to take some pictures with some different ISOs. Piece of cake. After I breezed through the assignment, I took some pictures of the beautiful sunset and watched as the sun drifted away. 

It could not have been a prettier site. I walked around with Rach, Erin, Ellie, and Abbs for a bit, and eventually we ended up back at the central square where we watched the kids play soccer. We returned to the hotel at 9:30 PM and guess what. We actually get to go to bed early for a change. You know I have to get some beauty sleep if I am going to another island tomorrow. : ) PEACE AND BLESSINGS


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