Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yikes. This morning was an even larger struggle than yesterday morning. I had planned to get up at 6:30 AM, but I did not get out of my bed until like 7 AM and we had to be down by 7:15 AM for breakfast. Great start. We loaded onto a private bus at like 8ish and took off on a 2.5 hour drive to the train station. I had a wonderful nap and did not budge until we got to the station. I had the oddest dream however involving my dog in a back brace, motor cross racers, me on a dirt road, and Rachel… very bizarre. I ecstatically loaded the train when I realized it looked like the one from Harry Potter. I finally got to ride on the Hogwart’s Express!! For the whole 20 minutes that this ride lasted, I quoted Harry Potter as much as possible. Once we arrived at Cinque Terre, I could not believe how beautiful it was.

We began our hike to the simple, yet mesmerizing little town and it went pretty well...until we hit the stairs. For starters, I am way out of shape and have never done stair masters in my life. I know what they are, but the stairs we hiked up were like stair masters times 100. It was sooo steep and there were a ton of stairs; I felt like I was hiking up the stairs to the temple in Kung Foo Panda movie. It was ridiculously tough, but thankfully it was not like that the whole way. Along the way, my tourist instinct took over and I took many pictures of the pretty landscape and of course people.


 We got to a stopping point where everyone was circled around Ellie who, bless her heart, had gotten sick and splurged stuff everywhere. We continued however, leaving her in the care of Massimo and ClairĂ©. I can not explain to you how sweaty I was...my towel literally felt like it had been dumped into stinky liquid that is how horrid it was. When we finally arrived to the town, I was amazed how beautiful it was. The hike was totally worth the view and the culture in this town.

we hiked starting from the farthest mountain to the closet. ay caramba. apparently it was only 2.4 miles though....

Surprisingly, there were a lot of Americans there, but I still spoke Italian or Spanish just because.
I had a lovely lunch with Madds, Rachel, Holly, Erin and ate a delicious ham and cheese panini.

We shopped for a bit then headed out to the beach. I did not go into the water because it was freezing, but naturally I laid out. A lot of the girls went into the water and being the photographer that I am, I took some pictures!!

We relaxed there and took in the site for about an hour then headed back to the train station to return home. We loaded onto our private bus and I attempted to sleep, but totally failed. I did succeed, however, in breaking my filter of my camera. This would sooo happen to me. Once we got back, we ate at this little restaurant where I ate undercooked pasta. Erin got the shrimp pasta thing and me being the good person I am, cut the heads off of all the shrimp—I guess she is a bit squeamish when it comes to shrimp eyes.

 I felt sick after my dinner and knew I should not eat gelato, but realizing this was my last night I forced myself to eat fragola!! I am happy I was able to indulge into this, but I am not feeling so hot. ahahha OMG fashion week is going on in Italy right now and I really wanted to go see it, but our guide people would not let us : ( Well it is about 2:30 in the morning and I have to get up in an hour and a half so I am going to watch Lizzie McGuire Movie!! Ciao Italia and Yasoo Greece!!

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