Saturday, June 18, 2011


I woke up from the best sleep I have had this whole trip at around 8:30 AM, while Dena—the cool cat she is—woke up at 7:45 AM. We had breakfast downstairs at around 8:45 AM and I had a terrific cup of tea, a piece of pound cake, yogurt with honey, and a jello shot [do not worry, it was just jello]. Not the most nutritious breakfast, but it was absolutely delicious and got me full!! After breakfast, we returned to our rooms where we stayed there for about an hour trying to catch up on blogs and upload our photos. 

We left the hotel at around 11 AM where on our way we saw a riot in the street. No worries though, it was a peaceful protest, but it was still interesting to see these Greeks stomping in the streets. As we continued our walk, we headed to one of the most famous archeological museums in the world. It was extremely interesting and I loved seeing all of this ancient history. 

 After about 45 minutes at the museum, we walked around until we found a lunch place. I had a chicken gyro, again, and some coke. Nothing special. We were there literally for 20 minutes before we took off again to another museum. 

We were supposed to see this photograph museum type thing, but it was closed so we just looked at all of the early Greek artifacts. The jewelry caught my eye and I think I stared at it for 10 minutes, not even kidding. We left at 3:15 PM and on our way back to the hotel, we stopped to watch the changing of the guards. Apparently it is a tradition here in Athens and they do this every single day. 

 These two guards do this strange dance stepping thing and then stand there for like an hour. It was soo funny when we got to go take pictures with them because they have to stand perfectly still and can not alter their facial expressions—a serious, but solemn face. While I was taking pictures, some random guy came up to me and poured bird food in my hand. Suddenly all of these pigeons flew onto my hand without any warning. I like did not even know what to do, but I like tossed them off and ran away----it scared me soooo bad. After watching this for a bit, we left and continued home, but we did not make it there before stopping for some ice cream in honor of Caro’s birthday!! It was just what I needed on this extremely hot day. We finally returned to our hotel where they gave us a 2 hour break to catch up on blogging and relax [mainly napping]. We were all soooo exhausted and needed to build up some energy for the remainder of the day and the trip!! After our wonderful break, we took off to do some more damage at the shops and I bought some more bracelets, a shirt, and a hat for my daddy!! We then left for dinner at this delicious restaurant in honor of our last night in Athens and of course to celebrate the great Caro’s birthday!! Sadly, Rachel could not join us because she was sick : ( but I am positive she will feel loads better when she lays out on the beach in Nafplio. Dinner was soooo good; I had a bite of fried cheese, some dorado, some of Madd’s spaghetti, and well pretty much bites of everyone’s dinner. For dessert, we all had juicy and nutritious watermelon while Caro had a brownie!! After dinner, we split into two groups and pretty much went up to random strangers asking them to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Caro in the video camera and asking them crazy questions about when they were 16. 

 Caroline has absolutely no idea what is in store for her when she sees our group’s video. It is absolutely hilarious, plus as eighteen year olds, Madds, Clairé, and I gave some words of wisdom!! We returned to our hotel and pretty much packed up and went straight to bed. I am still up blogging, but whatever hahha. Finally, the thing I have been waiting for since 
I have arrived to Greece has come: NAFPLIO, WATCH OUT CUZ HERE I COME!!




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