Friday, June 10, 2011


I do not think I have ever traveled so much in my life with barely any sleep!! Had a great 9 hour flight to Paris and got to sit next to Mads and some frill who kept hogging all of the room. Oh well!! My television did not worked but I just took some Meletonin and passed out within the hour : ) Had to wait 6 hours at the Paris airport and I did not even take a nap...I so should have. Ate some delicious pastries and we were off on a 2.5 hour flight to Rome. Before we even took off I was out and Clairé had to shake me to wake me up!! We met up with our amazing guides- David and Carolyn- and got sow lunch...i have never had a pizza so bleh. It was literally just two pieces of bread with sauce and square pieces of comment. Finally we took 2 trains- one a 30 minute ride and the other a 2.5 hour ride- and of course i slept on both of them.. I am absolutely jet lag and of course one of my wheels on my suitcase had to break so i was definitely slacking behind everyone trying to haul all of my stuff. I can not wait for tomorrow when we start our amazing adventures!! Not quite sure if today is the 9th or the 10th so i just kind of stuffed them together in one big travel extravaganza. Oh!! i almost forgot the best part...i bought a next pillow and its a pig!! It kind of reminds me of Miss Piggy from the Muppets!! hahh Mads modeled it for me. Oh and I finally got my gelato and it was delicious of course!! I am sooo excited for tomorrow!! Ciao Bella
Madds and piggy

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