Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Waking up at 7:15 AM may seem like no big deal, but I could barely get out of my bed. We had to be down to breakfast by 7:30 AM, so after I trudged around my room for a bit, I quickly ran downstairs. At 8:00 the bus came to pick us up to take us to the port area. The bus ride was only an hour and a half, but I slept the whole entire way. When we got to the port, people dispersed getting coffee and ice cream. I just sat at a table and slept some more. We finally loaded onto the ferry that would take us to the beautiful island of Hydra. It was only a 20 minute ride, but it felt way longer than that to me. Right when we got to the island, we were given an assignment to take portraits of people for 2 hours. 

Before we even began though, Madd's hat blew into the water. hahha for about 15 minutes we tried to figure out how to get it until we finally got the nerve to ask some guy to get it. SHe got it back..no worries. I walked around with Rachel and Erin trying to quickly finish the assignment. 

Finally we just sat down and took pictures of people as they passed by. While we were sitting, the prettiest puppy cae over and attempted to sit on Rachel’s lap—it was pretty big. It would not get off no matter what, but it was the moist precious puppy I have ever seen, besides my dogs of course. It was ideal to ask the person permission before taking their picture, but considering all of the interesting people did not speak English, I would just quickly snap a picture of them and then run away. Don’t worry, I did not get yelled at or anything!! 

After we finished our assignment, Rach, Erin, and I went shopping naturally and bought some shirts and souvenirs. I bought by far the coolest converses I have ever seen…they are made of leather and were just the craziest things ever!! After the 2 hours were up, the group met up at 1 PM for lunch where I had a yummy chicken suvlaki. I was sitting next to Caro and Dena who fyi do not like cats at all. Ironically, cats kept coming over and sitting right next to them and would go under the table to. While I was laughing at all of this, they were over there freaking out. 

BEST LUNCH EVER. The waiter was even more hilarious because he at first was like to my friends “I like her” pointing to me. Then he asked to see my eyes and was like “wow.” He was just having some fun and joking, but it was soo funny at the time. Right after lunch, we all walked over to cliff point where some people jumped off this puny cliff, swam or laid out. 

You can obviously guess what I did: lay out. We were out there from 2-5:45 PM and it was by far the most relaxing afternoon I have had. When 5:45 came around, we all left and I quickly got my ice cream and caught up with them. The ferry came at 6:20ish and it was awful. I felt like I was in an airplane with horrible turbulence. After those 20 minutes passed, we loaded onto the bus and took off back to the hotel. I forgot to mention earlier that the bus ride was extremely winding because we had to go around mountains. I do not get motion sickness usually, but I did get annoyed because when I lay down and attempted to sleep, I would keep sliding back and forth. At least I did not feel sick like some of the other girls. We finally got back at 8:25 PM and went straight to dinner. Through out this whole trip, we had never eaten at the same place twice, until tonight. I did not complain, however, since the restaurant was delicious. 

I had some pasta with tomato sauce, zucchini balls [best things ever] and some cheesecake. No complaints here. We returned to the hotel at around 10ish where we once again blogged and uploaded some photos. Straight after that, I went upstairs, showered and went to bed by 11:30 PM. SOOOO TIRED. Well tomorrow should be the chillest day of the trip considering it is our last day : ( Unfortunately, I will be seeing Houston soon. 

most precious cat with her kitten 

they had sooo many donkeys there

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