Sunday, June 19, 2011


So I usually set three alarms in the morning because I usually ignore the first two. Well as usual I turned off the first two alarms and slept until I heard the third alarm. I guess I did not hear my third alarm because at 7:45 AM, Dena was shaking me to get up and we had to be packed and down at breakfast by 8 AM. What a great start to my day. Like yesterday, I had my usually piece of pound cake, a jello shot—just jello guys—yogurt with honey, and tea. Everytime I drink tea, I have to act like Mia from the Princess Diaries when she drinks it: she licks her spoon and hits the spoon against the tea cup numerous times. EVERYTIME. After my last breakfast at Athens Center Square Hotel, I ran upstairs to take my luggage down to the lobby. I darted to my room as fast as possible so I could get the elevator. I did. We all waited in the lobby until 8:50 AM and then departed. We headed out on a 2.5 hour drive to Napflio. FINALLY. We arrived at Hotel Napflia at around 12ish and pretty much just chilled out trying to unpack and uploaded our pictures until 1 PM. Right after that we left to go get a bite to eat down the street. The restaurant we ate at was extremely colorful and the food was delicious. I had some bread, and this cheese pasta type thing. I was not too hungry so I felt kind of bad when I had this huge platter in front of me and I had barely touched it. We were supposed to have gone hiking right after lunch, but we dodged that bullet and instead wondered around the town.

 I headed back to the hotel with a couple of people to get some things when Clairé ate it on a nail. NOT EVEN KIDDING. Her sandal split at the top and her knee was gashed in with some rocks. She is such a trooper and did not even break out a tear. No worries though, she is doing perfectly fine and it is like it did not even happen. Love you Clarié!! After that slight delay, I finally got to my hotel room, but I never left. I had initially planned to go exploring, but I just sat in my bed for like 2 hours with Rachel snoring and twitching on the other side. Hahha love that girl!! We then uploaded some pictures onto our computer for a while and worked on our book. Afterwards, we split into small groups to go to dinner. I just had two pieces of bread and some watermelon…I was not feeling very well. We all met up at 9 PM and headed to the show. 

Before we even began our walk though, we just had to take pictures of this random castle in the middle of the ocean. Very random. We had to walk through this square center type area and there were soooo many kids just playing around. The nightlife at Napflio is extremely fun and lively. We finally got to our show and watched some men do this wirling dervish type thing. I was a little confused, but I think they were worshipping Ala. 

 I was not really sure what was happening, but this religious dance was extremely new to me and slightly strange. After the show, we returned to the hotel where Carolyn and David critiqued some of our photos, giving us some pointers. Directly after that, we watched a video with all of our clips that we made for Caro’s birthday combined. It was hysterical. 

so precious.


I quickly went upstairs after they dismissed us and plopped into bed. I was soooo tired!! Tomorrow will be fun…sweating in the morning on our hike, then beach in the afternoon!! I can not wait!!


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